Jul 22, 2017

WMI Querying Techniques, Part 2 – Command Line

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In this post, we will be going over various WMI command line techniques and options, we’ll cover the built in alias, as well as using alternate namespaces and paths, and let’s not forget running remotely!  Let’s get started!

WMIC Aliases

One of the nice things Microsoft did when providing a command line utility for access WMI objects, is building Aliases on top of the more commonly used WMI Classes.  To follow along in any of our excercises today, you should open a command prompt or two as Administrator if you can.  If you don’t have Admin rights, that’s ok, you can do some of the querying as well.  Hopefully you read the last article on Wbemtest, we will keep that open to get some properties and methods as needed.

From your command prompt, type in “wmic /?” to get a list of commands and aliases.  Today we will be playing around with Process, Service, and Product. Faster IT has a good article mapping the Aliases and Classes. read more

Jul 22, 2017

WMI Querying Techniques, Part 1 – WbemTest


Breaking the ice with WMI

I wanted to throw together a few different use cases for WMI querying.  There are many articles that have some good information on various use cases of WMI, I figured I would share some that I’ve used recently for various engagements. In the next couple of posts, we’ll go over a few different methods to use WMI, using GUI, Command line, PowerShell, and incorporating into your C# code.

Let’s jump in! We’re going to start out with some basics, starting with the Windows GUI, Windows Management Instrumentation Tester, or WBEMTest.  You can open it by clicking on your start menu, and just type in wbemtest.  Once the window opens up, click on Connect, leaving everything to default, where your namespace is root\cimv2 for our examples, we’ll stick with default impersonation level, and use the default connector, click Connect again.  You should be back to the main screen and all of the options should be available. read more

Jul 22, 2017

Some notes on migrating WordPress from IIS 8 to an Apache host

Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

I had been self hosting my blog since inception, and it is just time to give it a little more breathing room. After wrestling with a WebsitePanel install that has been upgraded to the new MSPControl panel, let’s just say things aren’t going as well as I planned, and it’s time to just move on.

To get the site moved I used a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration. It allows for you to export from the original site into a slurry of formats, including File (WPRESS file), Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, Onedrive, Amazon, and Box. read more

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